Nordic Growth Group

Nordic Growth Group serve corporate management and owners by building and realizing full value of businesses. Our customers are corporate management, investors, private equity and entrepreneurs, served by Nordic Growth and Comset. Our broad experience with deep analytical approach and extensive network support your decisions to employ capital wisely, be it buying or selling. Boost competitive advantage or leverage strategic potential through acquisitions. Realize the full value of your business with optimal timing and execution of exit. Buy and sell well with us.

Nordic Growth

Nordic Growth helps active owners and management in choosing the right market by executing the transactions required. Nordic Growth has its roots in private equity and active ownership. We believe that value can be built in two ways: Choose the right markets and operate business efficiently in the chosen market.  We can participate with equity as minority owners in selective cases.

Comset Corporate Finance

Comset understands entrepreneurs. When it’s time to sell we are there with undivided attention to execute swiftly. Our team approaches every mandate individually and with focus, taking into account customers’ objectives and desires. Comset operates efficiently and cost-effectively, succeeding or failing quickly.