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Cloud computing

Significant growth potential for cloud-based ERP vendors in a fragmented and rapidly expanding market

The Small and Medium sized Enterprise (SME) segment is one of the fastest growing segments for cloud-based solutions and services due to growing demand for scalability, integration, flexibility, and improved productivity.

grazing cows

Sale of FinnLacto Oy to Faba Osk

Nordic Growth acted as M&A adviser to FinnLacto and its owners on the sale of the company.

power amplifers

Sale of International Electric Company to ScandiNova Systems AB

International Electric Company (IECO) is a well-recognized developer and producer of subsystems and precision instruments such as power amplifiers and precision power supplies for the global healthcare, scientific, and industrial markets.


Electrical installation market growth is driven by building automation, IoT and EV charging station demand

The Finnish electrical installation industry is a highly fragmented and competitive market with both local and international companies.

Älykkäät kaivosratkaisut

Smart Mining Solutions are Digitalizing the Mining Industry

The mining equipment market consists of products, solutions, and plants to serve the needs of exploration and mining companies.

Verkko-opiskelu opiskelijalle ja yliopistokonseptille

Social distancing boosted the market for online learning

Online and e-learning has become mainstream in educational institutes and companies during recent years following the social distancing measures implemented by schools and businesses to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

Craft jewelery making.

Precious Metals Manufacturing: Market Trends and M&A Report

The precious metals manufacturing industry in the Nordics, valued at €1 billion, is a mature and highly competitive market that includes companies that produce jewelry, watches, and other precious metal items.


E-commerce logistics increasing the need for specialized vehicle bodies

This market overview examines two distinctive but closely related markets: the first section concentrates on the European market for freight transportation by road and the second section on manufacturing of bodies for motor vehicles

Metaverse Future digital with VR virtual reality technology, 3d rendering

Augmented Reality drives e-Commerce growth

Augmented reality (AR) refers to the technology that allows overlaying 3D virtual objects into a real-world environment.

Large block dismantles in to small cube with abstract background

The Finnish IT service outsourcing market is offering growth opportunities

The digitalization and adoption of new technologies is rapidly changing the Finnish IT service market. Market players are expanding and diversifying their offering in search of new competitive advantages

Nordic Growth katsaus

The Finnish building service technology market consolidates amid mounting inflation of materials

The Finnish building service technology industry is following the path of other Nordic countries where major players gobble up smaller service providers. The stricter regulations demand energy efficiency from current air supply units.

Our People

Oskari Elojärvi
Oskari Elojärvi

Financial analysis and fund management background. Investment and risk analysis as well as reporting.

Nordic Growth
Nico Henriksson

Private banking and reporting background. Company valuation and financial analysis.

Erkki Hietalahti
Erkki Hietalahti

Investment banking and private equity background. Cross-border transactions and strategic realignment

Tina Hietalahti Nordic Growth
Tina Hietalahti

International financial management and relocation background. Chinese contacts, investment and financial management.

Jari Honko
Jari Honko

Equity research, investment and project management background.
M&A projects and strategic alternatives.

Vesa Hopia
Vesa Hopia

Corporate finance and financial management background. M & A transactions and corporate actions.

Päivi Husu, Nordic Growth
Päivi Husu

Finance and accounting background as entrepreneur. Fund management and multi-country financial management

Peter Immonen

Senior Advisor, Investment management and corporate governance. Economic performance and investment trends.

Tuula Jalonen, Nordic Growth
Tuula Jalonen

Administration and organization background. Operations management and process flow.

Pontus Kaisti
Pontus Kaisti

Strategy consulting background. Company valuation and financial analysis.

Asko Kapanen, Nordic Growth
Asko Kapanen

Transactions, sales and marketing background as entrepreneur. Exit process and value growth actions.

Tiina Karhula
Tiina Karhula

Sales and marketing background as entrepreneur. Customer contacts and marketing.

koivunen_ari_kuva 3
Ari Koivunen

Financial services and fintech background. Exit process.

Bill McDonnell kuva1
Bill McDonnell

Investment banking and private equity background. Cross-border transactions and capital sourcing.

Aleksi Pulkkinen
Aleksi Pulkkinen

Corporate finance analysis background. Company valuation and financial analysis.

Matias Pönniö
Matias Pönniö

Investment and corporate finance analysis background. Company value and balance sheet analysis.

Nordic Growth team
Mikael Reijonen

Investment and entrepreneur background. Company valuation and financial analysis.

Henri Rosenberg

Transaction experience in M&A and Real Estate. Commercial Due Diligence, valuation and reporting.

Saul Schubak - Nordic Growth
Saul Schubak

Strategy consulting and entrepreneur background. Company valuation and financial analysis.

Kimmo Toukkari

M&A transactions and project management background.